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Barbo Toys is a small, creative toy company based just north of Copenhagen in Denmark. We pride ourselves on creating the loveliest toys with a friendly design that not only teach kids something new but also look great in the home. We love thinking up new ideas and concepts for our range of brands ranging from the Moomins to Pippi Longstocking. We work with partners across the world and always work with the best suppliers for our various learning games and decorative puzzles.

Customer Opinions

I use the boxes when we sing to visualize our favourite songs. The kids immediately start singing when I take out the boxes. The little figures make it easier for the kids to remember the songs also for the kids that can’t sing yet. You can reach out to many more kids this way.

Ulla K., kindergarten teacher in Rudersdal Municipality, Denmark about My Little Toy Box series.

We replaced all the plastic cars with these soft cars. They are easy to play with, and don’t make any noise. Very good for toddlers, easy to hold, and with appealing shapes.

Ulla K., Kindergarten Teacher in Rudersdal Municapality, Denmark about Barbo Toys' Foam Cars.